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Our Council

PASA’s Council, or board, is the governing body of PASA and is composed of Councillors drawn from PASA’s Members. Although appointed by Members, Councillors have a fiduciary responsibility (i.e. they act independently and objectively, in the best interest of the NPS and with a holistic and inclusive mind-set). PASA Council therefore bears the responsibility of ensuring an efficient, reliable and stable payments environment to serve the South African economy and people as a whole.

PASA Council is comprised of an Independent Chairperson who holds a casting vote, as well as nine Councillors appointed by:

Councillors and the Deputy Chairperson are appointed on a biannual basis from amongst PASA Members 

In summary, PASA Council is:

PASA Council has power and authority to, inter alia:

At present PASA Council is constituted of the following Councillors –


In line with the King lV requirements PASA Council has a number of supporting committees (refer to diagram)

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