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Advanced Certificate in High Value Payments

*Dates subject to change.

Programme Bookings

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Programme Overview

Welcome to the PASA Academy Advanced Certificate in High Value Payments, an integral part of PASA’s comprehensive suite of educational offerings. This programme builds upon the foundational knowledge acquired through the Certificate in Foundational Payments, which serves as a prerequisite for enrolment.

Programme Details 

Duration: The programme is structured to be completed within a 16-week timeframe, offering flexibility for participants to proceed at their own pace. Timely completion is facilitated through scheduled assessments with specific due dates.

Format: Delivered online, the programme allows participants to access course materials conveniently from their laptops. It is structured into distinct modules, with an intuitive system guiding learners through each stage of their educational journey.

Assessments: Assessments play a crucial role in evaluating participant progress. To qualify for certification, all modules, activities, and assessments must be satisfactorily completed within the designated 16-week period, meeting the specified pass mark criteria.

Modules: The programme is segmented into various modules, each comprising system-marked activities and faculty-evaluated assessments, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Support: Comprehensive support is provided throughout the programme to enhance participant learning outcomes. Scheduled Connect and Q&A sessions offer invaluable guidance from faculty members and industry experts. Attendance at Connect sessions is mandatory to maximise your learning experience.

For further details, we invite you to download the programme brochure.

Programme Schedule

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