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Certificate in Foundational Payments

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Programme Overview

The Certificate in Foundational Payments programme represents the inaugural offering within the PASA Academy’s comprehensive suite of offerings. 

Crafted by industry experts, for industry professionals, the PASA Certificate in Foundational Payments course boasts a distinctive curriculum and execution structure. It provides invaluable insights into the macro payment system, and its profound impact on the South African economy, and includes important payment constructs while explaining the operational workings of various payment streams. 

Programme Details 

Duration: Designed to be completed over 12 weeks.

Format: Flexible and accessible, the programme allows you to engage with course material conveniently through your laptop. A guided timeline ensures you remain on track throughout the 12-week journey, with a firm completion deadline. 

Assessments: Assessments take the form of both formative online quizzes integrated into the learning management system (LMS) and summative evaluations for select modules. These summative assessments have designated due dates and are submitted for faculty evaluation. The programme requires a minimum pass mark of 70% for successful completion. All modules, activities, and assessments must be concluded by the end of week 12 to qualify for the Certificate of Competence. 

Modules: The programme is structured into 12 modules, each seamlessly guiding you through the learning process.

Support: Scheduled Connect sessions and Q&A forums provide ongoing support from faculty and the PASA Academy team. Additionally, select modules feature insights from industry subject matter experts, subject to their availability. Upon programme completion, participants become eligible to pursue further education with the PASA Advanced Certificate in Electronic Payments and the PASA Advanced Certificate in High-Value Payments.

For additional details, download the brochure.

Please note: Full payment is required before accessing programme content or participating in virtual sessions.

Programme Schedule

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