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Training Overview

One of the key themes published in the SARB Vision 2025 document is that of Human Resources and Capacity enhancement in the payment system and PASA has in response included continued and increased supply of payment skills and expertise into its National Payments Plan. 

Although payments play a significant role in the financial sector, payment practitioners have very limited formal interventions to turn to, in order to learn their trade. For many years this has plagued the payments industry in that knowledge is gained by chance through “on the job training” and learning through informal interactions with other peers. Payments form the bedrock of our country’s economy and the lack of interventions, together with continuous exiting of payments talent from the industry has become a serious concern for business leaders and regulators alike.

Since the publication of the SARB’s Vision 2025 and subsequent Vision documents, PASA has taken active steps to address the area of capacity building and has embraced its responsibility as key role player to build a strong foundation of payment system knowledge. To date, more than 3,000 students have passed the PASA training programmes. PASA currently offers the following programmes:

Training Bookings

PASA Certificate in Foundational Payments Registration Dates :

Electronic Payments Program Registration Dates:

PASA Advanced Certificate in High Value Payments:

Visit the PASA Training Bookings portal to register for any active training.



PIB Training Session – PASA “As-is” Nov 2021

This recording of the “Inside PASA” webinar provides an overview of:

·       the history of the SA payments landscape

·       legislation and regulation of the payment system in SA

·       interests of the National Payment System

·       card payment system, low and high volume electronic payment system, and settlement structures

·       PASA regulatory and oversight framework

·       PASA organisational capabilities

·       2022 key focus areas

Or watch below:

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