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PASA Annual Awards Ceremony

The PASA Annual Awards were instituted in 2016 with the aim to recognise individuals and groups who significantly contribute to the success of the collective payments industry.

The 2016 award recipients were:

Individual Awards for PASA member representatives – CardClive Gungadoo – Standard Bank
For exceptional leadership of the Card Risk Strategy Forum and exceptional support of PASA EXO. Clive has been instrumental in the development of the interbank Card risk roadmap. He has used his expertise to guide the forum and has been key in re-shaping the forum to focus on strategic risk matters rather than operational fraud topics.

Shabir Ahmed – FirstRand Bank
Shabir probably deserves a desk at PASA. His support and involvement in the PASA environment has been outstanding. He has displayed good leadership as Project Sponsor on numerous Card PCH PG projects and has been a great support to the Strategy team – always willing to listen, explain and get involved.

Catherine Bromilow – FirstRand
Similar to many of our award recipients tonight, Catherine has shown marvellous support for the industry. She is very involved in the ATM environment and has shown exceptional leadership as Project Owner on a number of Card PCH PG projects.

Leon Viviers – Absa Bank
Leon has been in the card environment for a really long time and could very well be called our local card helpline. Leon has never been shy to speak his mind, provide his opinion and to very clearly let you know if he doesn’t agree. During the past year, Leon has not only provided exceptional support, contribution and leadership on the Biometrics CVM project, but also on a number of other Card PCH PG projects.

Brian Southwood – Capitec
Brian stands strong with what he believes in and keeps the industry honest. Brian has provided exceptional support, contribution and leadership on various Card PCH PG projects.

Pierre Kotze – Capitec Bank
Senior Industry role-players complimented Pierre for his role in the Biometric CVM project. His detailed knowledge and deep understanding of EMV is unsurpassed. The time and effort spent on fine combing the specification really gave Visa and MasterCard food for thought.
Pierre, from PASA EXO as well as the Biometric project team – You have done the local industry proud.

Jada Eager – Investec
Jada can easily be referred to as one of the founding mothers of the local card industry and we are privileged to have people of her calibre in the PASA community. Jada has displayed exceptional leadership as Project Owner and her support and contribution on Card PCH PG projects has been wonderful. Jada thinks about Industry impact and not just the impact to her financial institution

Somayya James – Standard Bank
Somayya is always willing to get involved and make things happen in the card environment. She accepts accountability and responsibility and has been one of the pillars of the operational card environment during the past year. There is also a special note of thanks to Somayya for her support of the PASA training initiatives.

Individual Awards for PASA member representatives 
Electronic, Cash & Support structures

Sean Mouton – Absa Bank
Sean portrays outstanding leadership. He is committed and gets involved even at times beyond the scope of his responsibility. Sean has the ability to communicate on both a Business and Technical level. He has been part of the Technical Design Authority and the non face to face workgroup. In both these teams he has guided the team towards solutions in most cases, and always seems to have the answers. He is repeatedly recognised by the Industry and is greatly respected as every so often colleagues consult him when faced with challenging situations on AC.

Neels Erasmus – Absa Bank
Neels epitomises many of what PASA and the industry is built on – stability, security, support and co-operation. Over the years, his support of the industry has been incomparable. He is always willing to assist, explain, listen or do what is required to make things happen. Neels is the silent but steady rock in our industry and is appreciated for his efforts in the electronic environment.

Yaseen Karbelkar – Standard
Yaseen receives an award for his involvement to improve risk management and stabilising ICMS. Over the past 2 or 3 years, there have been many changes in the ICMS environment and Yaseen has been a great support.

Danie Visagie – Nedbank
Risk Committees are not the most glamourous of areas one can get involved in and are very often not appreciated enough. At PASA, we understand that industry risk management is important and we therefore want to thank Danie for his exceptional support and commitment to his role as a Risk Committee representative

Kerri-Ann Eaton (absent) – Absa Bank
Kerri-Ann has been a stalwart team worker over the years and has contributed in almost all of the legal challenges faced by PASA. Her passion and ownership of matters have made her the go to person in legal matters.

Wiri Gumbie – Absa Bank
Wiri has been a thought leader whose expertise and advice have assisted PASA and the Competition Committee in competition matters on an ongoing basis. He is always willing to assist.

Individual Awards for PASA stakeholder representatives

Ben Janse van Rensburg – BankservAfrica
Ben receives an award for exceptional support and contribution on the 5 top priority Card PCH PG projects, i.e. Failed Reversals, CCPI, Data Integrity projects and Online Reversals of Reversed funds.

Sharon Watt – BankservAfrica
Sharon is part of the AC Technical Design Authority (TDA). Sharon has played an excellent role on the TDA in keeping the team aligned to the ISO 20022 standards. Sharon has done a remarkable job in turning out XSD’s for validation by the TDA in the shortest timelines. Sharon’s guidance and role on the AC team in terms of ISO standards cannot go unnoticed.

Navin Muntree – BankservAfrica
Navin has played an instrumental role in the two Card Data Integrity projects. Both these projects, one focussing on Point of Sale initiated transactions and the other on ATM initiated transactions, have been top of the list of card initiatives during the year and Navin has been instrumental in the good progress that has been made.

Gayle Congdon – NuPay
Gayle has come across as an extremely organised person. She has shown commitment and focuses on getting things done. She is proactive and is always first to be ready and highlights obstacles. Gayle has extensive payments knowledge and is familiar with Industry processes and procedures and has the ability to guide the team. She has loads of energy and remains positive even under challenging situations. She is punctual and responds promptly.

Andy Davies – BankservAfrica
Andy has shown unfailing dedication to the PASA AC project team, PASA executive team and the AC Community. He has a professional approach and demonstrates patience. Andy has great knowledge and skill. He is dependable and is extremely efficient. Andy has worked endless hours to meet tight deadlines. Andy is always willing to assist AC participants.

Taurai Tarugarira – Visa
Taurai has been one of the star team members of the Biometric CVM project. He has offered exceptional support to this project and his contribution and leadership cannot go unnoticed. Taurai must also be complemented on his professional approach and his ability to simplify complex concepts and to communicate relevant to the specific audience.

Annalene Lensley – SABRIC
Annalene continues to provide exceptional support to the Card Strategy and Stakeholder structures as well as to PASA EXO. Her enthusiasm and can-do approach make her a pleasant and effective person to deal with and a valuable part of the structures strategically supporting the card environment.

Hennie Ferreira & Riaan de Swardt
Hennie and Riaan are recognised this evening for their involvement in the Authenticated Collections project, on behalf of the PSSF. The formal participation of non-PASA members in PASA structures has been limited until now. Although noted as an exception to current governance processes within PASA, both Hennie and Riaan have seats on the AC Steering Committee structure and their input has been invaluable to the process. Although not always easy to hear, we thank both individuals for the feedback and for the unwavering support and commitment of this project.

Informal Awards
The future of Card
This award goes to the most promising youngsters in the interbank card environment. Those who have not been in the PASA environment for a long time, but have significantly contributed. We can also call these award recipients our rising starts.
Menzi Gama – Standard Bank
Bianca Mudaly – FirstRand Bank
Daphney Maake – BankservAfrica

Future of Electronic
Similar to the Future of card category, this award goes to someone who hopefully will still be in the interbank electronic environment for a long time, but who has already stood out as someone to be counted on.
Cathrin Pretorius – FirstRand Bank

Knowledge seeker Award

In any family there is always that one person that is forever wanting to know ‘But why?’ This award goes to our own ‘But why’ family member. She loves asking questions, demanding explanations and finding out how things work. She is an active representative in the Card PCH PG environment and thrives on knowing and understanding more every day.
Rita Smit – Absa Bank

Dynamic thinker Award
The recipient of this award is confident and independent. He approaches every task with enthusiasm and energy. He has a unique and dynamic approach to problem solving and can always be counted on to have a fresh perspective.
Christopher Boxall (Absent) – Grindrod Bank

Most impressive newbie
This phenomenal lady is part of an expert change management workgroup that was tasked to develop a Change Management Plan for Authenticated Collections. Although she was completely new to the PASA environment, she immediately emerged as a knowledgeable change expert and a committed team member. Her willingness to guide, participate and take on numerous tasks, has made her a key member of the team.
Angela van Vuuren – Nedbank

Group Awards
The Authenticated Collections Legal Sub-committee
This group has assisted the AC Steerco to resolve intricate legal issues with respect to the AC project, with diligence, dedication, focus and enthusiasm under extreme urgent circumstances and managed to finalise the AC Legal Opinion in record time. They currently continue to support the AC Steerco to ensure the implementation of a secure and legitimate AC system by advising on the alignment of business and legal requirements. Their ownership and involvement might sometimes be perceived as typical legal interference and even regarded as irritating and nonsensical, which in itself is a sign of them fulfilling their role as legal eagles.

Group members were:
Ashandrae Naidoo – Absa Bank
Vania Munro – Capitec Bank
Rhoodie Dakemela – FirstRand Bank
Helene Cloete – Investec
Kerri-Ann Eaton – Nedbank
Nancy Roos – Standard Bank
Charl Ackerman – Standard Bank

Authenticated Collections Technical Design Authority (TDA)
The expectation of the Authenticated Collections Technical Design Authority was to resolve the highly contentious Technical issues which existed on the AC project in a very short space of time. The TDA has always strived to exceed the expectations of the AC Community. This team has displayed extensive knowledge in the payments industry and were able to take accountability in making key decisions on behalf of the Industry. In view of the pressure placed on the TDA, their different views and opinions they maintained professionalism amongst themselves as well as with the greater AC technical community. They showed significant commitment and often kept to deadlines.

Group members were:
Sean Mouton – Absa
Sharon Watt – BankservAfrica
Martin Suchecki – BankservAfrica
Coenie Louw – Capitec Bank
Cathrin Pretorius – FirstRand Bank
Feddie Prinsloo – Intecon
Iqbal Kader – Nedbank
Jay Bugareth – Standard Bank

Project of the Year
During 2016, the Biometric Project made headlines as the world’s first interoperable Biometric Specification.
The Combined Biometric Acceptance Specification forthcoming from the Biometric Project, had also been tabled for discussion at the EMVCo Advisory Forum, that took place on 8 and 9 November 2016 in Italy Milan, and this is well on its way to be accepted and published as an EMVCo standard for global adoption.
During EMVCo it was indicated that they are impressed by the work done by PASA, MasterCard and Visa. They further indicated that the Combined Biometric Acceptance Specification is complete and compliant and that this could be adopted as the EMVCo standard as is, should no input and or comments be received.
All achievements and results with regards to the Biometric Project would not have been possible, without a World-class Team that was responsible for this. The support and cooperation from MasterCard, Visa and Member Bank Representatives, were remarkable and an inspiration. This can also be seen as the major success-factor of this Project, and has shown, that South Africa has what it takes to deliver Projects that will have global impact.

Project Team members were: Steering Committee members were:
Leon Viviers – Absa Bank Willie van Zyl – Absa Bank
Pierre Kotze – Capitec Bank Michael Swart – Capitec Bank
Tony Loxley – FirstRand Bank Alan Scoular – FirstRand Bank
Andrew Turpin – Grindrod Bank Andrew Turpin – Grindrod Bank
Johan du Toit – Nedbank Graeme Holmes – Nedbank
Muhammed Omarjee – Standard Bank Andrew Wilmot – Standard Bank

Prestigious Awards
Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of 2016
Chairpersons and Deputy Chairpersons work closely with PASA EXO and are instrumental in optimal forum management and progress of agenda items and agreed initiatives. Both positions require many extra hours of preparation and additional work which are many times not seen or appreciated by peers or even back in their own bank.
Chair and Deputy Chairpersons are also required to lead and guide the forums they serve, without being partial or bank specific. They are required to wear an industry hat and think about what is best for the bigger payments landscape.

The PASA EXO team wants to thank these two individuals for their contribution and commitment throughout the year – we appreciate your hard work.

Chairperson of 2016
Kavin Maistry – EDO PCH PG Chairperson

Deputy Chairperson of 2016
Mike Ferraris – Card Technical Sub-committee
Mike’s exceptional support, contribution and leadership on the BIN List Automation project is also particularly mentioned.

Lifetime Achievement Awards
This award is the most prestigious award which can be conferred on any payments professional in South Africa.
It is conferred on those few individuals who have consistently, and over a period of many years, demonstrated competence, skill and leadership in the payments industry, and in the process have made a significant contribution to the development of the national payment system as a whole, or some significant component of it – be it in innovation, specific projects or initiatives, governance structures in the industry, and so on.
These individuals are generally known and recognised as such by their peers in the industry.
This is therefore an accolade that all of us should be aspiring to – to add to our CV. However, as most of us will be at a retirement age by the time this honour comes our way, we should look forward to adding it as the highlight in our memoirs, or to mount it on our wall for our grandchildren to admire and to praise us for!

This year, the Awards recipients were:
Keith Smith and
Dr Philip Tromp

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