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EMV Fleet Migration

Switching on the capabilities of the new EMV Chip and PIN fleet card

Understanding the Fleet Card industry

Welcome aboard the EMV Fleet Migration journey!

The South African fleet industry faces numerous challenges such as a high rate of fraudulent fuel spend, outdated infrastructure and systems, limitations on data capture as well as evolving international vehicle technologies.

To address these challenges, stay relevant and keep up with the move towards modernisation, changes are taking place within the fleet card payment system.

The EMV Fleet Migration project, a collaborative fleet industry initiative driven by PASA, aims to introduce a modernised fleet solution in the South African National Payments System (NPS). This will serve as the foundation for the migration of fleet cards in South Africa to new-generation technology, using an international Chip and PIN standard. Our goal is to provide the foundation for the fleet industry’s journey towards digitalisation.

The new fleet card aims to leverage super advanced technology that will unlock additional security measures, reduce fraud, and enhance fleet information.

The expected benefits for customers and retailers in the fleet industry in migrating to a new generation technology are improved security, better control over fleet management and enhanced inter-operability for acceptance at merchants.

Join us on the journey as we move towards a modernised and sustainable fleet card industry.

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